Monday, July 27, 2015

Crazy About You by Katie O'Sullivan

Drawn together by a dead cell phone, it's the dead body that changes everything. 
Climate scientist Chase Anderson races from one project to the next, unwilling to slow down in his quest to save the world’s oceans. He has no time for family or relationships until he crashes into an impetuous blonde with a quirky sense of humor. One sizzling kiss makes him seriously reevaluate his priorities. And his sanity.
Emma Maguire left her small Cape Cod hometown years ago, seeking the fast pace and anonymity of New York City. She’s not sure what she’s searching for, but when a family crisis brings her home to Provincetown she’s caught in a crazy tangle of half-truths and mistaken identity… and falls for the handsome stranger who broke her cell phone.
Will untangling the web of lies drive them crazy, or lead to something even crazier – like love?

Katie O’Sullivan lives with her family and big dogs on Cape Cod, drinking way too much coffee and inventing new excuses not to dust. Living next to the Atlantic influences everything she writes, including her YA series about the mermaids who live near her beach. A recovering English major, she earned her degree at Colgate University and now writes romance and adventure for young adults, and something steamier for the young at heart.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Do Fairies Affect Everyday Life by Constance Phillips

How Do Fairies Affect Everyday Life by Constance Phillips

Provide a Portal, Make Magic Happen
When the topic of this blogpost was presented to me – how do Fairies affect everyday life – one particular story came to mind. First, I need to give you a little background information.
When I started writing Fairyproof it was essentially an exercise. I wanted to stretch my muscles, write something different, and take a step away from the dark themes I’d been writing about. I’d seen a call for twenty-thousand words paranormal short stories, and came up with the idea of writing about a fairy who was very dependent on her powers, until she meets a man who is immune to them.
Later, when the book was published, it started an obsession in me. I’d always loved fairies, but now I found myself buying items that were fairy related. I planted a fairy garden, and became obsessed with the idea of fairy doors, reading up on the lore of how fairies used them to travel between dimensions and worlds.
While on a particular shopping trip, I found a fairy door that I instantly fell in love it. It was green, a color I associated with the book, and had a small moon in the center. Much to my husband’s ire, I insisted we put it up, right next to my back door, the instant we got home. The very next day, I received an offer to publish my second book – Resurrecting Harry – that I’d submitted weeks prior.

Did the fairies have something to do with it?  I like to think so.
~ Constance Phillips
After her parent's death and an unwanted proposal, fairy Monique seeks refuge in the human world, even though her brother has warned her of the dangers. She believes Hiding will be a breeze. She can control any human with a flirtatious smile and an attraction spell. Until she meets Daniel Elliot, the only human who's immune to both.

Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, daughter, and four canine kids where she writes contemporary romance novels and paranormal romance novels.

When not writing stories of finding and rediscovering love, Constance and her husband spend the hours planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for the not-so-distant future…if they can find a sidecar big enough for the pups.


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Lucky's Promise by Jenn Nixon

My name is Lucky, or if you ask my boyfriend, Felicia. I kill people for a living. You may think I’m some cool, badass assassin who’s out there in the world, righting the wrongs, taking down the creeps and making the world a better place, but you’d be wrong. The people I get rid of deserved it, no lie, but unless you’re an actual sociopath—which I’m not—taking another life is never easy no matter how ugly the person may be.
I have only one reason for getting into this business, to find the man responsible for killing my mother and forcing my father into exile. My adoptive parents meant the world to me. It’s still hard for me to talk about them. Luciano, my dad, was my lifeline. Without him, I don’t know that I’d have survived this world. I learned that someone tried to kill him, killing my mother, Molly, instead, Luciano made it his mission to find the man and make him pay. Only problem? He died before he found him.
I took up his cause and promised to finish what he started. I spent the last several years looking, searching, and hunting the man who destroyed my family.
We know who he is and we’re getting closer to finding him. I only hope Kenji, Uncle Phen and my cousin Bet get off my back and give me the space I need to finish this once and for all. They don’t know the toll it’s taken. They can’t see the scars on the inside. Maybe, when it’s over, we can all do a little healing and be a real family again.
Lucky’s Playlist:
Evil Angel – Breaking Benjamin
All the Same – Sick Puppies
Face Down – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Pain – Three Days Grace
No One – Cold
Almost Easy – Avenge Sevenfold
So Cold – Breaking Benjamin
The moment Felicia entered my life, I knew it would never be the same. Being a network contractor is a lonely existence, something we both shared. Now, we have each other. Each day we grow closer and I think I am finally breaking through to her, proving that I am an ally and on her side. She does not make it easy. The secrets she keeps close to her heart seem to have the most hold over her, but she never shares that pain with me.
Although she hides it well from her uncle and cousin, I know how much she struggles with this lifestyle. I see it in her eyes before she leaves for a job and feel it radiate off her like toxic fumes when she returns. The work is destroying her and I refused to let it happen.
Quimby is in within our reach. I will do whatever I must to protect those I love. That is my promise.
Kenji’s Playlist:
Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Dust in the Wind – Kansas
Magic Man – Heart
Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison
No One – Alicia Keys

After years of searching for her mother’s killer, Felicia “Lucky” Fascino is finally on the right track. With the help of her family, and on-again off-again boyfriend, Kenji Zinn, Lucky is getting closer to fulfilling the unspoken promise she made to her adoptive father.
As the group continues to dig deep into the assassin’s network, and search for the elusive Quimby, ties to the past come back full circle, endangering everyone Lucky loves and cares for. It’s only a matter of time before their secret is uncovered.
Felicia swung her chair in his direction and said: “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”
“Why not?” she said, bordering on a screech.
“It is the same conversation. ‘You can trust me, Felicia.’ ‘You can talk to me, Felicia.’ ‘I’m here for you, Felicia.’”
“You’re still mad because I didn’t want to talk about my crappy ass life while we were on vacation?” He lifted an eyebrow to make a statement, and her whole face flushed. “We were on vacation!”
“With no distractions. With no interference. Just you and I…and still you refused me every time I tried.”
“Fine. What do you want to know?” Kenji stared at her as she rose from the chair and hitched her fists on her hips. Her head jerked to the right, both eyebrows lifted on her forehead. “Well?”
“Humph,” he said, tossing the remote onto the bed and stalking into the living room across the hall. She wouldn’t answer his question, so he didn’t even bother asking. He went to the wet bar in the far corner. Searching through the miniature refrigerator, Kenji grumbled, finding nothing but wine.
“Phen and I are going to meet after breakfast and talk about the job.”
He glanced back. Felicia stood in the doorway, her hands in front of her body, fingers twisted together like a frightened child. A complete turnaround, again. It wasn’t an act; everything about her said she was scared. Why? Couldn’t she confide in him by now? His frustration threatened to swell again, and he was backing her into a corner. If he pushed, they would fight, and he didn’t want that. Not right now. Kenji sat down in the leather love seat and rubbed his temple.
She didn’t move from her position, but her heavy sigh filled the room. “It’s my last one before he puts me up as the new safety. I’m going to need some pointers….”
He bobbed his head but didn’t look up.
“Is it more than…me not talking?” she squeaked.
Kenji came close to spilling everything. Forcing her to face the feeling he had for her was unfair. Making her talk when she wasn’t ready seemed cruel. Confessing his fear for her safety would make him appear overprotective and controlling. The fury he felt, he didn’t completely comprehend himself. Discussing the situation with Taro was the only thing he could mention and remain truthful.
“I am still aggravated with myself.”
“I told you outside the restaurant it didn’t matter anymore. It’s over and done. I trust you, and if you trust your brother…it’s cool, babe.” Her disposition continued to change, now that he no longer pressed her.
“It will never happen again,” he said, adding a grumble.
“I know.” She moved into the living room and sat down on the coffee table between the two sofas. Felicia reached out, took his hand. He held back the rest of the clutter racing through his head. She bent her head down to look him in the eyes. “We okay?”
“Yes, beleza, we are.”
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